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Taking the fear out of cost-plus contracts

With the construction industry becoming cautious of fixed price contracts in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, construction and design specialist contractor Dan Grimshaw says there are advantages to using cost-plus contracts instead.


Construction: Unloading the image of wolf whistles and muddy boots

Construction boss Dan Grimshaw says the building sector, which has experienced record growth over the past two years, may struggle to attract enough talent to provide the necessary workforce for future projects.


How the UK has ‘a mountain to climb’ to attract enough talent to the sector

A multi-million-pound deal in which Amazon Prime Video joins streaming giant Netflix to lease space at Shepperton Studios in Surrey is the latest boost for the UK construction sector, which has experienced record growth over the past 22 months. 


Seasonal shutdown, the answer to an annual dilemma?

Summer 2022 may feel a long way off, but not for construction firms, many of whom are already looking ahead to staffing levels ahead of next year’s peak holiday period. A temporary shutdown could be the answer, says design and construction specialist Dan Grimshaw.


Identifying the ‘design gap’

For Dan Grimshaw time away from the construction site during lockdown gave him pause for thought and a realisation that what he has christened the ‘design gap’ is putting a drain on resources and diverting energy from the efficient running of his business


Stem students step behind the hoardings

Industry specialist Dan Grimshaw says construction firms should be doing more to woo young people who are taking STEM subjects at school to help meet the huge skills shortage facing the sector over the next five years.


The 15-minute city approach to post-pandemic house building

The next big challenge facing the building industry will be meeting the demands of the public for homes that fit in to post-pandemic living with greater homeworking and emphasis on lifestyle rather than location, it is claimed.


The current supply chain crisis could spark a long-overdue change for construction

For design and construction specialist Dan Grimshaw the current supply chain crisis could ultimately shape the construction industry of the future.


Call for construction firms to harness technology

The UK’s slow-to-change-its-ways construction industry needs to harness the power of technology to flourish in a post-Brexit world, according to one industry specialist.


Increasing prices and scarce resources cause supply chain juggling act

Unlike the beleaguered hospitality and travel sectors, construction appears to be holding its own despite the ravages of the pandemic. While bars and restaurants are closed and travel for recreation banned, in the last seven months of 2020 the construction industry experienced growth. And although – despite a slight decline last month – the future might look bright; many smaller companies are having to perform a delicate juggling act. 


The flip side of busy

Although construction work has been allowed to carry on throughout lockdown it does not mean that the sector has been unaffected by the pandemic.


Busting the over-budget and overtime paradigm

When it comes to bidding for new clients, design, and construction specialist Dan Grimshaw, explains why he walks away if the process involves competitive tender when it’s based on cost alone.