outline cost range

Let us give you an Outline Cost Range for Beam to deliver your building project .

This will be free of charge and delivered within 48 hours of us receiving the project details.

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We believe

Conversations about costs should begin at the beginning

Many projects are developed deep into the design phase without a regular cost check, even at the basic level. Without specifications and details there is no way to cost your project accurately at the start, so at Beam we use an estimating tool to start the conversations and to get to the next stage.

We collect detail costing data on all our projects using our custom built Site App. This allows us to look forensically at what we have spent on every element of all the projects we carry out. However, it also allows us to summarise and take averages of build costs for all our completed projects.

These are real costs – not estimates.

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two numbers are better than one

Providing a cost per square meter for a mid spec build – and a cost for a higher spec build, provides us with a range. We know that we can complete you project within this range to the spec that we normally work to.

If we can meet to discuss the client’s expectations, then from our experience in this field, we can gauge even better where we think the project will sit in relation to projects we have completed.

(It is important to note that we can push the spec up, but we cannot lower it to meet a budget requirement.)

All we need is:

  • Outline drawings with scale (existing and proposed (planning drawings are ideal)
  • Site address
  • Your contact details

The Key to this tool

It does not include or exclude anything

This may sound strange at first but remember this is a tool to get us to the next stage of the process. It has to be outline at this stage as there is no detail. Including things will only exlude things so the detail comes later.

At this stage we are trying to establish if we are ‘right for each other’. At Beam we are proud to say that we are never appointed on cost alone – but rather on value, and what we can deliver.

Ultimately we will be doing a highly detailed project costing and spec for your project – an example of which alongside an example Outline Cost Range can be seen upon request.

Interested in getting started?

Let us start to establish what your project looks like with an Outline Cost Range by filling in the form below.